With Playaway all-in-one products, it’s simple to access great audiobook and video content anytime, anywhere. Now you can press play and enjoy everything from classic and best-selling titles to educational content – all without a personal smartphone or mp3 player.

Playaway products are currently circulated in over 30 thousand schools, libraries, and military installations across the country and abroad.


Playaway all-in-one audiobooks are the simplest way to listen to digital audio content, unplugged and uninterrupted. Playaway is the only format that makes audiobooks accessible for everyone—providing the portability of a digital audiobook with the grab-and-go convenience of a physical format.

  • Pre-loaded High Definition audio content
  • Large, backlit LCD screen LIGHT
  • Universal auxillary jack
  • On-screen status indicators for battery life and listening
    progress LIGHT
  • Tactile button design LIGHT
  • Instant on-screen feedback when buttons are pressed LIGHT
  • Five narration speeds, no voice distortion
  • Automatic bookmarking
  • Single touch lock functionality LIGHT
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Playaway Launchpad

Playaway Launchpad is the first ever secure, pre-loaded learning tablet designed for children in a circulation environment. Pre-loaded with high-quality learning apps and immediately ready to circulate, every Launchpad is durable enough to move from the hands of one little explorer to the next.

  • Always shelf ready – One–touch reset means no staff maintenance is required
  • 100% secure – No risk of exposure to unintended content
  • Starting at $99 – Including everything you need to build your collection
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Playaway Bookpacks

Playaway Bookpacks bring together the simplicity of our all-in-one audiobooks and print to deliver a fun and educational read-along experience at every age or reading level.

  • Pre-packaged for grab-and-go convenience (two packaging options available)
  • Popular content sets include best sellers, award winners, classic titles and more
  • Supports literacy skills by building comprehension, vocabulary, and language fluency
  • Encourages early or struggling readers to develop a love of learning
  • Provides a rich experience with character voices and the charm of story hour
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Playaway View

Meet Playaway View, the first and only pre-loaded video player. Each View can hold multiple hours of digital video content while keeping with the Playaway promise of simple, portable and durable.

  • Pre-loaded with multiple videos
  • 3.5" full color LCD screen with shatter-resistant acrylic screen
  • Built-in speaker and optional headphone jack
  • Rechargeable internal lithium-polymer battery provides over 8 hours of continuous play
  • Simple 7 button functionality
  • Weighs only 5.4 ounces
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Lock, powered by Findaway, is an eReader solution that enables your brand to deliver a customized digital content collection to your users on preloaded and secure devices.

  • Choose from thousands of available eBook titles spanning best-sellers to classics to common core
  • Content is locked onto the device, allowing users to access your pre-selected digital catalog without risk of manipulation or deletion
  • Customizable device and packaging options to meet product specifications and enable your desired user experience
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